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Kellfri are an end-to-end provider of value for money, high quality products manufactured in Sweden for a variety of sectors including:

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Quad Bikes
  • Road, snow and ice
  • Domestic animals
  • Garden

Offering plenty of choice in each sector, their products include:

Agriculture Equipment:

  • Grassland equipment including pasture toppers, flail mowers, chain mulchers, harrows, rotary cultivators, fertiliser spreaders and verge flail mowers
  • Manure forks, silage grapples, stone sorting forks, big bag lifters, cement mixers and hedge trimmers
  • Digger buckets including all-round buckets, grading buckets, volume buckets, high-tip buckets and tipping buckets
  • Pallet forks including adjustable forks, hydraulic forks, fork extensions, 3-point linkage forks and grapple attachments
  • Tipping trailers, dumper trailers and trailer accessories
  • Various gates including movable gates, telescopic gates, sheep gates, farm gates, feeding barriers, posts, strip curtains and hardware
  • Feeders and Calf creep feeders for cattle, horses, sheep and Calves
  • Dog runs, fencing and earth augers
  • Bale grapples, bale trailers and feed handling
  • Wind shelters
  • Backhoe diggers
  • Hay harvesting


Forestry Equipment:

  • Forestry trailers, grapples, rotators and insert buckets
  • Firewood machines, firewood splitters, chippers, firewood conveyors, chainsaws and firewood bulk bags and bulk bag stands
  • Cranes, winches and valve blocks
  • Tree felling, planting and swamills
  • Hunting towers
  • Stroke harvester and accessories


Quad Bike Equipment:

  • Salt and salnd spreaders, road drag, sweeper and snow blade
  • Forestry trailers and accessories
  • ATV trailers and accessories
  • Grassland equipment including grass cutters, harrows, spreaders, sprayers and collectors
  • Garden equipment including backhoe digger, spreaders, sprayers, collectors, harrows and rollers
  • Riding course equipment including harrows, spreaders, rollers and trailers
  • Accessories for Quad Bike equipment


Road/Snow/Ice Equipment:

  • Road drag and dozer blade
  • Diagonal blade
  • Sand spreaders and salt spreaders
  • Barriers
  • Digger buckets including all-round buckets, grading buckets, volume buckets, high-tip buckets and tipping buckets


Domestic Animal Equipment:

  • Horse equipment including feeders, paddocks, horse stalls, pens, stable accessories, feed equipment, horse exerciser, water supplies, wheelbarrows, hygiene products, wind shelter and insect trap
  • Cattle equipment including movable gates, telescopic gates, farm gates, feeders, calf hutches and calf houses, wind shelter, pens, livestock housing fixtures, wheelbarrows, feed equipment, water supply, insect trap and animal transport
  • Sheep equipment including fencing and netting, gates, feeders, wind shelter, pens, wheelbarrows, feed barrier and feed equipment
  • Dog runs, dog kennels, dog cages, feed dispensers and dog pens
  • Hen houses, chicken runs and chicken wire


Garden Equipment:

  • Garden machinery including multi-machines, minidumpers, grass trimmers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, branch saws, strimmers, grass and leaf collectors, leaf vacuums, stump grinders, garden trailers, soil cultivators, scythe mowers, sweepers and earth augers
  • Garden accessories including waste bags, metal edging, tree rings and sand bags
  • Barriers including gates, riot barriers, and telescopic road barriers

For more information on the range of Kellfri products, contact our sales team or visit the Kellfri website.




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