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Merlo were formed in 1964 and today has over 600 dealers world-wide. Renowned for their high build quality, innovative features and rugged build, many farmers, contractors and construction companies place their complete trust in the Merlo product range due to their efficient engines, exceptional build quality and their revolutionary technology.



Combining the features of a traditional agricultural telehandler and a tractor this ‘crossover’ provides excellent visibility, engine power up to 156HP, operating heights up to 9 metres and a capacity up to 40 quintals. The Multifarmer is perfect for performing all the jobs in and around the farm delivering high levels of performance every time.



Designed to operate in the most demanding operating environments, the Professional Series telehandlers provide extremely high levels of operator comfort, a 140HP engine, capacity up to 75 quintals and operating heights up to 9 metres. Throw in a patented CS cab suspension, excellent visibility and hydrostatic transmission and you have a you get the perfect telehandler for any application.



These models are ideal for confined environments and small spaces but still over high performance and superb comfort. The smallest of the range stands at just 1 metre eighty in width by 1 metre ninety two in height and with high ground clearance and the most spacious cab on the market, there’s nothing small about this telehandler. With a maximum speed of 40km/h, braking on 4 wheels, a capacity up to 32 quintals and operating heights up to 8 metres, these Compact models can deal with even the smallest of spaces with ease.


High Capacity:

As the name suggests, these telehandlers are designed for the most demanding of jobs and can handle very heavy loads, but have high operating stability and speed of manoeuvre. With a 145HP engine, a capacity up to 120 quintals and operating heights up to a massive 18 metres, these telehandlers are perfect for large material handling both with forks and with winches and loaders.



Designed for agriculture, equipped with certification for towing trailers on the road at a speed of 40km/h, the Turbofarmer range is the ideal solutions for today’s modern farmer. With capacities between 3400kg and 5000kg, lifting heights between 7 and 10 metres and turbo engines between 100 and 156HP, this telehandler performs time and time again with effortless precision.

For more information on the Merlo Telehandler sales range, contact our sales team on 01625 422489 or visit the Merlo website.

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