Krone Farm Machinery have been producing quality Hay and Forage machinery for over 100 years and their understanding of the market ensures that forage is the most important commodity a livestock farmer has and therefore understand the importance of producing cost effective and effective high-quality forage. Take a look at the product line-up below.


Mower Conditioners:

Since 1996 the BiG M has gone from success to success, achieving work rates of up to 20 hectares per hour.

  • BiG M 420: Working width up to 9.7 meters
  • Big M 500: Merge more than 13 metres into one windrow


Disc Mowers:

With a huge range to choose from, including front mounted, rear mounted, trailed mowers and mower combinations.

  • Rear mounted AM range
  • Rear mounted ActiveMow range
  • Front Mounted EasyCut F Series Range
  • Rear Mounted EasyCut R Series Range
  • Trailed Disc Mower EasyCut range
  • Mower Combinations EasyCut B Series Range


Rotary Tedders:

Krone offer an extensive range of high-quality dependable rotary tedders for tedding wilted silage and hay crops.

  • KW Mounted Rotary Tedders
  • KWT Trailed Tedders with running gear
  • KW-T Trailed Rotary Tedders


Rotary Rakes:

This product range lines up 1 to 6-rotor machines and therefore whatever the application, there’s a machine just right for the job.

  • Single Rotor Rakes
  • Twin Rotor Side Delivery Rakes
  • Twin Rotor Centre Delivery Rakes
  • Three-Rotor Rakes
  • Four-Rotor Rakes
  • Six-Rotor Rakes


Transport Technology:

Krone Forage Wagons offer plenty of technical features providing added value to the owner, including the cam-less EasyFlow pick-up unit, a massive cutting and feeder drum and a knife bank that swings out to the side and has all its knives locked in a single operation.

  • AX – Forage and Discharge Wagon
  • MX – Forage and Discharge Wagon
  • RX – Self-loading and Harvester-filled Forage
  • ZX – Self-loading and Harvester-filled
  • TX – Forage Transport Wagon


Round Balers:

Krone Round Balers offer fixed and variable baling chambers and also comprise of their ‘Combi-Pack’ baler wrapper model. These balers produce bales from silage, hay and straw.

  • Ultima Round Baler-Wrapper
  • Bellima Round Baler
  • Fortima Variable Chamber Round Baler
  • Comprima Fixed, Semi-variable and Variable Chamber Round Baler
  • Comprima X-Treme Semi-variable Chamber Round Baler
  • Combi Pack Multicut Round Baler


Large Square Balers:

The Krone large square baler contains innovations such as the Variable Fill System (VFS), unique MultiBale model and the cam-less EasyFlow pick-up.

  • BiG Pack Large Square Baler


Pellet Harvester:

The first pellet harvester to produce a marketable product right in the field and in one single operation.

  • Premos 5000 Mobile Pellet Harvester


Forage Harvesters:

The BiG X range of Forage Harvesters represent shear engine power, legendary quality of chop and innovative technology.

  • BiG X 480, 530, 580, 630 Forage Harvester range
  • BiG X 600, 700, 770, 850, 1100 Forage Harvester range
  • BiG X Attachments

For more information on Krone Farm Machinery, contact our Sales Team on 01625 422489 or visit the Krone website.

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