Kellfri products are designed in Sweden and offer a wide range of affordable, high quality machinery for multiple industries including agriculture, forestry, ATV, garden, animal husbandry and road maintenance.




Kellfri offer a wide range of machinery for the Agricultural industry including:

Grassland Machinery;

  • Pasture toppers: A range of toppers and strimmers including 2.75mtr pasture topper, a 2.75mtr pasture topper with hydraulic side shift, park mowers, front mounted strimmers and 3-point strimmers.
  • Flail mowers: A wide range of flail mowers from 1.05mtr to 2.8mtr
  • Verge flail mowers: From 1.4mtr to 2.75mtr
  • 3-point linkage chain mulcher
  • Harrows: A range of arena harrows, harrow mats and grassland harrows
  • Rotary cultivators: From 1.35mtr to 2.1mtr
  • 650kg fertiliser spreader
  • Rotary disc mowers from 1.6mtr to 2.4mtr


  • 1.5mtr manure fork
  • Stone sorting fork: 1.55mtr to 2.0mtr
  • Double arm big bag lifters
  • 800ltr cement mixer
  • Hedge trimmers for 3-point linkage and front loaders
  • Attachments
  • Weld-on brackets
  • Various adaptors

Digger Buckets;

  • All-round buckets: From 1.25mtr to 2.4mtr
  • Grading buckets: From 1.8mtr to 2.7mtr
  • Volume buckets: From 1450 litre to 1600 litre
  • 2.4mtr high tip bucket
  • 1.8mtr tipping bucket

Pallet Forks;

  • Adjustable pallet forks: From 1.5 tonnes to 5.0 tonnes
  • Hydraulic pallet forks: From 2.5 tonnes to 8 tonnes
  • Pallet fork extensions
  • 3-point linkage pallet forks
  • Grapple attachment for pallet forks


  • Tipping trailers and dumpers: 2.5 ton and 5 tonne tipping trailers, 6 tonne and 9 tonne dump trailers, 5 ton maskintrailer and 2 mini dumpers
  • Trailer accessories: Extension sides, spreader sides, underrun protection rail and tyre pressure sensor

Gates, Fencing and Livestock Housing Fixtures;

  • A range of moveable gates
  • A range of telescopic gates
  • A range of sheep gates
  • A range of farm gates
  • A range of livestock housing fixtures
  • A range of dog runs
  • A range of fencing
  • Earth auger


  • A range of cattle feeders
  • A range of horse feeders
  • A range of sheep feeders
  • A range of calf creep feeders

Bale Equipment;

  • A range of bale grapples
  • A range of bale lifting arms
  • A range of bale spikes
  • Bale trailers

Other Equipment;

  • A range of wind shelters
  • A range of backhoe diggers for tractors and ATVs including attachments
  • Carport


Forestry and Firewood:


Kellfri offer a wide range of machinery for the Forestry industry including:

Forestry Trailers and Accessories;

  • A rage of forestry trailers and forestry trailers with cranes
  • Grapples and crane arms with grapples suitable for timber and brush
  • Wood chopper grapples
  • Rotators
  • Insert buckets for grapples

Firewood and Chippers;

  • Firewood machines including firewood choppers, log cutters, log splitters, firewood processor ad hydraulic transfer deck
  • Firewood splitters, both electric and tractor driven
  • Chippers: Petrol driven, PTO driven and hydraulic infeed
  • 5.0mtr and 7.5mtr firewood conveyor
  • Firewood bulk bags and bulk bag stands

Cranes, Winches and Valve Blocks;

  • A wide range of grapple loaders from 3.6mtr to 7.0mtr
  • A wide range of winches
  • Various valve blocks

Forestry Equipment;

  • Tree felling equipment including a wire pulley and aluminium tree jack
  • 73mm and 63mm planting tube
  • Electric and petrol powered sawmill and sawmill bed extension

Stroke Harvesters and Accessories;

  • Stroke harvester
  • Tractor driven hydraulic system
  • Radio remote control for stroke harvester

Hunting Towers;

  • 2.4mtr and 3.0mtr hunting towers


ATV Equipment:


Kellfri offer a wide range of machinery for ATVs including:


  • Salt spreaders: 1.0mtr and 1.35mtr gritters and salt and sand fertiliser spreaders
  • Road scrapers and road drags
  • ATV sweeper
  • ATV snow blade

ATV Forestry Trailers and Accessories;

  • Tipping trailer
  • Forestry trailer with crane
  • Log skidder sledge
  • Road scraper
  • Electric winch
  • Insert floor and hydraulically tiltable floor
  • Extended tailgate

Trailers and Accessories;

  • Tipping trailers
  • Transport trailer
  • ATV dolly
  • Water tank trailer and water tanks
  • Extension sides
  • Electric winch
  • Stabilisers with wheels
  • Extension brackets and quick release latches

ATV Grassland Machinery;

  • Flail mowers, strimmers, front mounted mowers and ATV mowers
  • Yard harrow, harrow mats and ATV rakes
  • Fertiliser spreaders
  • Towed and mounted sprayers
  • Grass and leaf collectors

ATV Garden Machinery;

  • Backhoe digger and grading and ditch bucket
  • Fertiliser spreaders
  • Towed and mounted sprayers
  • Grass and leaf collectors
  • Yard harrow, harrow mats and ATV rakes
  • Towed roller

ATV Riding Course;

  • Yard harrow, harrow mats and ATV rakes
  • Fertiliser spreaders and gritters
  • Towed roller
  • Horse jump trailers and accessories
  • Water tank trailer and water tanks

Accessories for ATV Equipment;

  • Trailer extension sides
  • Bolster kit
  • Universal attachments
  • Battery box
  • Carrier baskets
  • Electric winch
  • Dolly manual
  • Loading support


Road Maintenance:


Kellfri offer a wide range of machinery for Road Maintenance including:

  • 2mtr road drag, 2.1mtr, 2.3mtr, 2.5mtr and 2.7mtr dozer blade
  • 2.5mtr diagonal snow blade
  • 1.0mtr to 2.1mtr gritter
  • Hand operated gritter
  • Riot barriers and telescopic road barriers
  • Various buckets


Animal Husbandry:


Kellfri offer a wide range of products for Animal Husbandry including:


  • Arena harrows
  • Various feeders
  • Horse jump trailer
  • Harrow mats
  • Water trailers and water tanks
  • Poles, posts and accessories for horse jumps
  • Fronts with sliding/swing doors
  • Partitions


  • Various feeders
  • Minidumper
  • Post drivers
  • Various gates
  • Sliding openings for gates
  • Calf creep feeder


  • Various fencing
  • Minidumper
  • Post drivers
  • Sheep gates
  • Various feeders
  • Wind shelters
  • Earth auger
  • Strimmer
  • Feed troughs


  • Various dog run panels
  • Portable dog pens

Hens and Poultry;

  • Chicken wire
  • Hen houses
  • Earth augers
  • Chicken runs




Kellfri offer a wide range of Garden products including:

Garden Machinery:

  • Stump grinders
  • Chainsaws
  • Brushcutters
  • Grass strimmers
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Leaf blowers
  • Telescopic branch saw
  • Strimmers
  • Minidumpers
  • Grass trimmers
  • Grass and leaf collectors
  • Leaf vacuum
  • Garden trailer
  • Multi machine
  • Soil cultivator
  • Scythe mower
  • Sweeper roller
  • Earth augers

Garden Accessories:

  • 3000 litre waste bag
  • Plate metal edging
  • Tree rings
  • 33 litre sand bags

For more information on the Kellfri product range, contact our sales team on 01625 422489 or visit the Kellfri website.

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